Described by Playboy as “equal parts Betty Grable and ‘90s Ani DiFranco,” I am a Sexual Empowerment Coach known for class, professionalism, and a forward thinking mindset.

I have been interviewed as an authority in the field by Cosmopolitan, VICE, People Magazine, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, and numerous other media outlets.

I am best known for my psychological perspective on intimacy and my ability to make others feel comfortable discussing difficult topics. I come to the field of coaching with a diverse background and draw from the skill-sets that I have accumulated through my education in psychology, time as an award-winning ballroom dancing instructor, and experience as a world-renowned BDSM expert, to provide a well-rounded perspective.

I am devoted to normalizing modalities of connection that have been obscured, ridiculed, or simply misunderstood. I cater to a variety of clients, from individuals looking to explore their sexuality or relationship with power, newlyweds looking to build a strong foundation, empty nesters looking to spice things up, couples who are navigating non-monogamy, and more. Through virtual coaching, I provide space to build trust so that clients feel comfortable sharing and receiving feedback. My biggest goal is to help empower people to create the relationships, and ultimately lives, they crave.

I'm Sara,

hi friends!

but most people call me Miss couple

Why Miss Couple?

As a gemini and a ballroom-dancer I understand that there are always two sides of a coin. I try to see things from a variety of perspectives and understand that without dark, there is no light.

In my personal life, I identify as a switch, meaning that I enjoy both the Dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom. I prefer swirl to just chocolate or just vanilla- both in the bedroom and at ice cream stands!

Finally, I absolutely adore working with couples, it's my forte! Therefore, the name just seems to fit.


I am a regular contributor to the press and have been featured in the following media outlets:

“The tools that I gained from the training with Miss Couple not only improved my sexual relationships, but crossed over in all areas of my life - work, friends, health - and really helped me to stop underestimating myself and reclaim my authority.”

laura says:

“Warm, funny, and intelligent, she’s an incredible listener who hears beyond the words you say into the heart of what even you don’t know you’re really trying to find, and helps you achieve your wildest dreams.”

Greg says:

“Her commitment to confidentiality, clear professional and interpersonal boundaries, and support of each client as a whole person—emotional health, body image, spirituality, relationship status, and so much more—makes the process feel very safe.”

kat says:

“Her knowledge, experience, caring, and guidance has transformed our lives.”

tina and mark say:

“ Can’t imagine finding anyone as qualified or fun to work with! We live more than a thousand miles away but still make sure to regularly see her virtually because as much as we’ve learned, she always challenges us to new and exciting discoveries that have benefits way beyond the bedroom. With her help, 25 years into our marriage we are as revved to play together as newlyweds, but with the erotic and romantic multiplying factors of a thousand times more trust, insight, and cooperation than we had the first time around! “

Kay and Jay say:

“Working with Miss Couple is an incredibly liberating, empowering, affirming, and extremely entertaining process. She made us both comfortable right away, even though we were both nervous that this was our first time discussing out loud with someone else the ways we wanted to expand and improve our love life."

Maria and Lisa say:

"You, with your words, your insight, your patience, and your skill have made the most unfathomable and incredible thing not just possible, but real. You've helped us love each other even more. "

Jackie and geoff

"The guidance and knowledge you shared have really helped my Dom and I. You have shown me what it was I was missing and searching for...what I was longing for...what I really needed. My internal struggle has finally ended and the journey to self improvement has begun. While I am sure to come across other obstacles, I have you as an amazing mentor should I ever lose my way. This has been the most life changing experience ever and a birthday I will never forget. "

 stephanie says:




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