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Just like with a personal trainer, there is no wrong time to get in shape.  Rather than wait until things are in a state of crisis, Bedroom Coaching is a proactive approach that seeks to eliminate issues before they arise. The good thing is, if you're in crisis, bedroom coaching can still help you.

Yes, all coaching inquiries and sessions are strictly confidential, as are the assessment materials and other resources exchanged during the coaching process.

You don't have to choose one or the other! Coaching is a results and goal-oriented methodology. Coaching assumes the client is functional and fully capable of success. Meanwhile (psycho)therapy is a healing profession trained and licensed to diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. Coaching and therapy can complement each other very well. It could be said that coaching starts where therapy ends, making coaching a good fit for goal-oriented individuals.

Many people fear that if they go to couple's therapy or counseling, they will be forced to reconcile with their partner, even if they don't want to. In coaching, you will never be forced to do anything. Coaching will allow you to make the decisions you want to make, set the aims and objectives that you desire and then show you how to achieve those goals for yourself. The direction the coaching sessions take will be in your control, under my guidance.

Yes, choosing one target area per package insures that we will stay on task and achieve the best results. That being said, you might have noticed in the descriptions that some of the topics discussed in a specific target area overlap. For instance, couples that are already practicing BDSM but need guidance on relationship management could choose Relationship Coaching Sessions but we would focus on how to manage a Power Exchange Relationship. If you're confused about this, I'd be happy to make a recommendation through a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Virtual sessions always consist of:

1) Assessment- Through an onboard interview, I will learn about your history, and what you're looking to accomplish.

2) Action Plan- I will help you build an action plan to help work toward your goals.

3) Assistance- I will provide you with insight, exercises, and other tools to help you along your journey.

4) Accountability- Packages with multiple sessions include check-ins to monitor your progress and hold you accountable.

5) Achievement- I will celebrate your wins with you, and help you re-assess and come up with an alternative plan if you are unable to meet your goals.

You can attend relationship coaching on your own or with the other party concerned. Some clients prefer to start coaching sessions on their own and bring the other person along mid-way through the program. You can do that too.

As many or as few as you desire and require. Coaching based solutions tend to be shorter than counselling programs. Coaching is solution-focused and goal-focused and this contributes to a shorter coaching program than you may have expected. The coaching sessions required will be dictated by you, your desires, your situation, and your time schedule.

No, session rates are based on time, not the quantity of participants

Refunds will be issued for sessions cancelled with 24-hour notice. Every client gets one "Freebie" wherein a cancellation without 24-hour notice will not be penalized. Beyond that, refunds will not be issued for sessions cancelled with under 24-hour notice.

Yes, packages expire 2 years from the purchase date.

Yes, I offer a free 15 minute "fire starter" consultation via telephone or skype to break the ice, and for you to ask any questions that might help you make a decision about whether the service that I offer is for you.

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Book a free 15-minute "fire starter" conversation with Me to discuss how we can work together to improve your love life!

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Book a free 15-minute "fire starter" conversation with Me to discuss how we can work together to improve your love life!




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