Virtual Coaching

What is your coaching program like?

We will work together to identify your goals

We will create an actionable plan based on your goals

I will create a personalized workbook to help you work towards achieving your goals, and we will review exercises during our virtual sessions.

Learn how to make the most out of intimate experiences no matter what your life-circumstances are

Reclaim your pleasure from sexual trauma

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length, and are held virtually, through Zoom.
Coaching also includes a personalized workbook, customized to help you along your unique sexual empowerment journey. Contact me to discuss packages and pricing.

Get rid of societally imposed shyness and shame

New learned skills (communication, relational, sexual)

What benefits can I gain from coaching?

Help overcoming relational or sexual roadblocks

Assistance with understanding yours or your partner's body

Newfound confidence

Help discovering or re-discovering your sexual self

Empowerment to pursue pleasure

We will work at a pace that is appropriate for you, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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