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Over the past 11 years as a bedroom coach, I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples transform their relationships and sex lives through customized virtual training sessions. As your virtual personal trainer for the bedroom, I can do the same for you!

I’m Sara,
but most people call me
Miss Couple.

your coach:

I know that finding someone to talk with about sex and relationships can be difficult, but look no further.

 I am here to help you unlock confidence in the bedroom, and create the juicy, pleasure-filled love life of your dreams! 


Miss Couple is a relationship and intimacy coach who’s worked with people from all over the globe to build a skillset that will help them thrive both in the bedroom, and in everyday life. She is a best selling author and contributor for media outlets such as Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Huffington Post.

In her spare time, as Sara, she enjoys spending time with her family, expressing herself through the culinary arts and fashion, letting go by dancing at concerts, and eating as much ice cream as humanly possible. 

Meet Miss Couple:

“The tools that I gained from the training with Miss Couple not only improved my sexual relationships, but crossed over in all areas of my life - work, friends, health - and really helped me to stop underestimating myself and reclaim my authority.”

laura says:


Relationship Coaching

Intimacy Coaching

For individuals looking to gain confidence in relationships and in the bedroom.

For couples looking to work on intimacy together or to resolve conflict in the bedroom.

Guidance on ethical power exchange relationships and safer approaches to BDSM.


Coaching topics:

Empowerment outside the bedroom, self-esteem and skill building for a rewarding and satisfying life.

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