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the person you can trust not to judge you when you spill your guts and bare your soul. The one who empowers you to say anything, or be anyone, and makes your shame disappear.  

I am a Bedroom Coach best known for my unique approach to intimacy and relationships. My background in psychology, experience as a ballroom dancing instructor, and involvement as a world-renowned BDSM educator inform my coaching style. This diverse background equips me with a unique and well-rounded perspective. I am not a typical relationship counselor- I enthusiastically employ both traditional and non-traditional methodology to help you achieve the best results. I want to help you create the love life of your dreams!

I’m Sara,
but most people call me
Miss Couple.

your coach:

I know that finding someone to talk with about sex and relationships can be difficult. I want to be your confidante- 


Whether you're looking to re-kindle your spark, or in crisis,  I have the skill-set and tools to help you!

Your personal trainer for the bedroom

Over the past 11 years as a bedroom coach,
I have transformed the relationships and sex lives of hundreds of individuals and couples through customized virtual training sessions.

As your virtual relationship coach,
i can do the same for you!



Relationship Coaching

Intimacy Coaching

For individuals looking to gain confidence in relationships and in the bedroom.

For couples looking to work on intimacy together or to resolve conflict in the bedroom.

Guidance on ethical power exchange relationships and safer approaches to BDSM.


Coaching topics:

Empowerment outside the bedroom, self-esteem and skill building for a rewarding and satisfying life.

“The tools that I gained from the training with Miss Couple not only improved my sexual relationships, but crossed over in all areas of my life - work, friends, health - and really helped me to stop underestimating myself and reclaim my authority.”

laura says:


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